“Anyone Who Dies Before Voting For Me Is A RINO” – Trump

“Anyone Who Dies Before Voting For Me Is A RINO” – Trump

“Anyone who dies on the way to the Iowa caucus before casting a vote for me, is ‘a Rino’,” Donald Trump said today “and not a true supporter of mine”.

Rino is an acronym for the phrase ‘Republican In Name Only’ and used to accuse people of being insufficiently loyal to the republican party or misaligned with its ideology. 

The former president had already advised sick people that even if they die as a result of leaving their beds to vote for him, “it will have been worth it”.

“What I’m saying now is that if you know somebody in intensive care. Someone who has a reasonable chance of dying in the next few weeks anyway? Just put them in your car and bring them? No need to worry their loved ones.”

“Ask yourself what would this sick person have wanted. To be alive and be a Rino or to be dead and have done their duty to me. Think about it?”

An off the record comment from the White House said, “Just when you think he couldn’t possibly have anything else left in it, he pulls something new out of his ass.”