Indian Waiter Faints After Customer Orders Dessert

Indian Waiter Faints After Customer Orders Dessert

“There was no sign of trouble when I sent Hassan over to to ask the nice couple if they wanted dessert?” Jaafar Abdul Karim, Manger of Galway’s Moghul Palace Indian Restaurant, explained to reporters last night, his voice cracking with emotion.

“It was a pure formality,” he said, “with zero expectation anyone would ever actually order one of the mass produced, frozen desserts in our freezer.”

“He was already trying to lever the standard refusal into an order for two coffees when at the very last minute, lady is changing her mind and springing it on him.”

“Poor bastard,” he said, grimly shaking his head, “he never stood a chance”.

Pressed for further details, Mr Karim pointed out that although it went against every bone in his body, he would still be forced to dock his employee’s wages for ‘time off’.

“If I don’t,” he said sadly, “socialism will win, plain and simple”.