Irish Times Amazed By Irishman Living Abroad

Irish Times Amazed By Irishman Living Abroad

“Are you really living abroad,” an Irish Time reporter today asked a man who is living abroad.

“Yes, I am,” the man replied.

“How long have you been living abroad?”

“Nearly three years.”

“And what do have you to tell us?”

“I’m sorry?”

“We find people who live abroad frequently report that public services are better and that they have greater career opportunities?”

“They are and I have.”

“And is it relatively interesting to live in another culture for a while?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Do you think you’ll ever return to Ireland?”


“Finally, do you a) Feel desperately homesick, b) Detest Ireland, c) Never feel at home anywhere or d) Have some other absurd claim to make?”

“Let me think…how about, “I didn’t expect to miss the rain so much?”

“Terrific – you must work in advertising?”

“I really must,” the man replied, before hanging up.