Watch Those Immigrants Says Convicted American Rapist

Watch Those Immigrants Says Convicted American Rapist

Convicted rapist Donald Trump has advised people to be on their guard around potential rapists. “You literally never know when you’re talking to a rapist,” he warned, “take my word for it!”

“The person next to you in the supermarket could be a rapist,” he posted on his Truth Social platform. “Especially if they’re an immigrant? They’ll knock on your door and say they want to use your kitchen and there’s not a damn thing you can do”.

The former president also said he’s suing ABC News and George Stephanopoulos “Because he said I raped a woman I’d never met.

“I never knocked on her door, front or back? What they’re trying to do here is shame women who have been raped by immigrants. And that’s why they won’t come forward to report rape. But I will change that when I am re-elected.”

@BidenHQ later said in a post on Truth Social, “Does this mean TFG’s going to report his own rapes?”