Man On High Fibre Diet, ‘Really Laying Cable’

Man On High Fibre Diet, ‘Really Laying Cable’

Returning to his work station this afternoon, after ‘laying some cable,’ real estate agent Dermot Aherne chuckled ruefully as he sat back down,.

The laughter signalled to subordinate Marcus O’Clohessy (pictured above), that he wished to be consulted about the source of his amusement.

“Go on!” O’Clohessy inquired in a jocular tone that implied he ‘just knew’ his boss was about to serve up another of his trademark witticisms.

At this, Aherne swivelled in his seat and replied “I’m not joking here, one end was in the water before the other end was finished coming out?”

O’Clohessy rewarded Aherne with such a warm and spontaneous laugh that to an onlooker, he appeared genuinely amused by this scatological observation. Then he agreed there were few unmediated joys in life that could compete with ‘a good tip’. Especially, he observed, “if you’ve been sitting on it for a while?”

This appeared to be more input than Aherne required on the subject, therefore O’Clohessy changed course and inquired how Aherne’s new, high fibre diet was coming along.

Aherne briskly remarked that he wouldn’t advise anyone thinking of trying it, to stray too far from the plumbing.

“Because we’re not just talking ordinary cable output,” he said, “we’re talking suspension-bridge cable?”

O’Clohessy nodded thoughtfully, upon receiving this advice and returned to staring blankly at his screen.