Taxi Driver’s Fridge Magnet Wisdom Only Good For Five Minutes

Taxi Driver’s Fridge Magnet Wisdom Only Good For Five Minutes

“The secret to getting ahead,” taxi driver Dan Hession chuckled to passenger Barry Colgan, “is getting started”.

Colgan nodded offhandedly, as he buckled his seat belt, already regretting he’d mentioned that he was trying to get to Salthill in a hurry.

However a moment later, when asked how late he was running, he couldn’t help replying he was ‘counting the minutes’.

“Don’t count the days, I always say,” replied Dan, “make the days count!”

“I said I’m counting the minutes,” Colgan replied breezily, to hide his growing irritation, “not the days?”

“Believe you can,” Dan replied, even though they had moved less than twenty metres, “and you’re halfway there”.

Horns blew and the lights ahead of them changed twice, without significant progress.

Colgan had closed his eyes and briefly succeeded in taking himself out of the moment when Dan broke in again upon his thoughts.

“Life isn’t a series of milestones,” he suddenly advised, “but of moments”.

Colgan did his best to remain calm but after a short pause, Hession’s low boredom threshold prompted him to recite aloud ‘The Serenity Prayer‘.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, 

the courage to change the things I can

and the wisdom to know the difference between the two.

“Did you ever hear that one?”

Barry silently placed a fiver in Hession’s hand and got out of the car.

But before he shut the door, he advised him to pray a little harder for wisdom and worry less about the other two.