Call Me If Anyone Says Something Funny About Trump

Call Me If Anyone Says Something Funny About Trump

Stressing he wasn’t to be disturbed while giving a patient a fatal cancer diagnosis, oncologist Brian ‘Bong’ O’Halloran paused before adding, ‘unless somebody says something funny about Trump?’

“I could really use a break,” the despondent University Hospital Kerry consultant explained to secretary Mary ‘Ming’ Lonergan who stared back at him unsympathetically. “I’ve got three more of these before lunchtime,” he sighed, swivelling in his chair to look out the window at his new ‘beamer’.

‘Righto,’ she replied in a breezy, neutral tone. One that concealed the fact that, behind his back, his colleagues had begun to speculate about his mental health and in particular, the way his initial interest in Trump had blossomed into an all consuming obsession.

“We should be allowed wear those black caps judges wore when they were handing down the death sentence,” Bong said absent-mindedly and without realizing Lonergan had already left the room.

“Did you say something?” she said, putting her head back around the door and waking him from his reverie. “Otherwise,” he said colouring self-consciously, “absolutely no interruptions?”