Woman Stirs Tea ‘Like A Lioness’

Woman Stirs Tea ‘Like A Lioness’

A Galway woman who has her own Hotmail account, was this afternoon congratulated for stirring her tea “like a lioness, protecting her cubs?”

Trainee life coach and self-described ‘social media influencer’ Laura Bradley who is actively considering setting up a blog, had just begun to stir an organic green tea in Cafe Express, when her second best friend spoke up.

“I mean obviously you don’t have any children,” Aine Lally added, “but I’m pretty sure you’d protect them like a lioness if you did? And that’s precisely the look you had on your face just now”.

Her remarks caused Bradley to exchange an ironic glance with best friend Monica Gleeson.

Regular readers will remember that Lally nominated Bradley in the ‘Outstanding Bravery’ category of the Pride of Ireland awards earlier this year, for boldly stepping out of her fashion ‘comfort zone’.

This wouldn’t exactly be the first time Aine’s described Laura as ‘a lioness,’ Gleeson later revealed.

“If Laura fell asleep, Aine would claim ‘men can’t handle it’ or that it was ‘Girrl power!'”