Man With No Shoes, Unmoved By Sight Of Man With No Feet

Man With No Shoes, Unmoved By Sight Of Man With No Feet

Barefoot homeless man Paul Brazil, threw cold water today on the notion that those who lack footwear, can always take some comfort from the sight of a person who is missing a foot.

Mr Brazil confirmed that he had never felt the consolatory warmth so often alluded to by ‘pound shop philosophers’, typically via inspiring anecdotes that contrast how depressed a man without shoes felt, until he encountered a man with no feet.

“Nor have I ever been approached by an amputee who suggested his own loss ought to give rise to a greater feeling of wellbeing amongst the barefoot.”

However should that unlikely day ever dawn, he noted, he would probably cut such an individual quite a bit of slack.

“Because, in all likelihood, they’d still be drugged off their post-op tits? And not really in a fit state of mind to hypothesise accurately, about the likely impact of their own loss of bipedal mobility, on random barefooted strangers.”

The Galway man then returned to applying more Sellotape to the plastic bags he was trying to wrap around his feet.