Family ‘Thrilled’ Daughter Has Lost Her Irish Accent

Family ‘Thrilled’ Daughter Has Lost Her Irish Accent

Midlands mother of four, Mrs. Mary Buggy, has broken her silence to discuss her eldest daughter Bridget’s new accent, during a brief visit to her hometown of Athlone.

The proud 52 year old said, “You’d think you were living in Downton Abbey, so you would.”

“The other day she said ‘Gosh’ instead a ‘Chraisht’ and if you axe her ‘Will we go shoppin’?’ she doesn’t say ‘ya,’ she says ‘O do let’s’!”

Buggy blew loudly into a tissue before she proudly explained, “If you closed your eyes, you’d never think she was Irish!” 

“Best of all,” she added, “was the time she said ‘Australier’ instead of Australia? Daddy had to go out and stand in the back garden for five minutes. He didn’t say anything when he came back in and he was still white in the face but you could tell?”

Mrs Buggy also confirmed her daughter no longer answers to the name of ‘Bridgie’.

“We have to call her R-R-Robin,” she hyperventilated, before once more bawling into her sodden tissue while her daughter looked on, smiling.

“I no longer think of myself as Irish,” the 22 year old who moved to London six weeks ago simpered, “I now regard myself as English!”