Trump Says He Will Settle Earth’s UFO Problem ‘Big Time’

Trump Says He Will Settle Earth’s UFO Problem ‘Big Time’

Trump told a rally yesterday that he will solve Earth’s UFO problem “big time” if he wins the 2024 election. “Not like Sleepy Joe who keeps using our alien stealth technology to rig elections all over the world? Ask anyone.”

He’s thought to be referring to a former intelligence officer’s ‘Area 51’ claim that America is in possession of extra-terrestrial spacecraft and their dead pilots.

The former president also said “we wouldn’t have had this problem if I’d been president and I wouldn’t be surprised if the White House gave our UFO technology to the Mexicans? That’s probably how they’re able to get over the wall I built”.

“But when I am president, I will cut a deal with the aliens,” he said. “A deal like you’ve never seen. And the aliens will say ‘We’d better be nice to this guy, he’s a very stable genius’.”

During a radio interview, he later added he “wouldn’t be surprised if that technology was used to sneak in the new law banning fly paper? Just to keep the animal rights people happy”.

President Biden later said “Now we know what MAGA really stands for? Make Aliens Go Away!”