Ordinary Decent Liars of Fox News Furious With High-Profile Liars Of Fox News

Ordinary Decent Liars of Fox News Furious With High-Profile Liars Of Fox News

The reputations of “ordinary, decent liars” at Fox News have been dragged through the mud by the buffoonish and dangerous actions of a few. This is the claim being made by newsroom journalists who say revelations about the monumental liars Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, are making life hell for them.

The claim comes hard on the heels of the news that top presenters and station managers privately regarded Donald Trump as a “major whack job”.

A man in a balaclava who gave his name as “the short straw”, agreed to speak out on behalf of rank-and-file liars at the station, on condition of absolute anonymity. But first, he stressed that station managers “are always warm and supportive and in no way the vindictive swine they’re portrayed as, in some media outlets?” Nevertheless, he flatly refused to show his face.

“We, the ordinary decent liars of Fox, are responsible for the daily drip-drip of small lies poisoning the waters of American democracy,” he explained. “Every week we churn out biased stories that ignore the facts about poverty, crime, unemployment and identity politics. We elevate survey claims based on absurdly unreliable methods and push them relentlessly on social media. These allow the A-listers to treat them as legitimate news reports and then dramatically inflate our low level lies, via their own sensational high-profile shows.”

“Our work is important but thankless stuff? Not like the flashy, primetime bravado of the A-listers. We never made a lot of money but at least we weren’t openly laughed at. That’s all gone now. Now that the public can see who’s pulling the levers, people who once pretended to respect us, don’t bother to hide their contempt.

“The real danger,” he said sadly, “is that people will start to question everything we say?”