Shane MacGowan’s Wedding Diaper: First Photos

Shane MacGowan’s Wedding Diaper: First Photos

Former Pogues frontman Shane McGowan shared the first pictures of his wedding diaper on social media this evening.

Two days earlier, VIP Magazine published ‘exclusive photos’ of the red wedding dress his wife, the journalist Victoria Clarke, wore for the ceremony.

Today, 61-year-old McGowan complimented the article by posing for a saucy closeup and tweeting, “Thank you for the wonderful diaper @ethicaldiapersLDN!!!”

Clarke (55) spoke of her immense pride at having changed his diaper “as his wife” for the very first time.

The journalist who believes she can speak to angels, said the archangel Gabriel had looked on smiling, as she replaced the soiled garment with a fresh one.

Clarke also dismissed criticism of her ‘sober lifestyle’ by saying she would channel some ‘angel guidance’ at those responsible.

She was responding to a tabloid newspaper’s reports of an interview carried out with a fellow squatter, from her time in London, some years ago. The man said ‘alcoholics everywhere were repelled by the tragedy of her constant sobriety’ since undergoing rehab at The Priory.