Brill Makes Bid For “Jewish Space Lasers” Fame With Pregnancy Database Plan

Brill Makes Bid For “Jewish Space Lasers” Fame With Pregnancy Database Plan

Senior conservatives today warned Marjorie Taylor Greene’s position as leader of the party’s imbecile faction is “under severe threat”, given the unexpected strength of Senator Katie Brill’s pitch to oust her with a plan of ‘cartoonish evil’.

“Her proposal is astonishing,” one said, “It’s breathtakingly extreme, utterly nonsensical and wildly unlikely. She’s basically saying to the lunatic fringe, ‘You want Jewish space lasers? I’ll give you them right here on earth’!”

Few expected Brill to maintain the level of idiocy she displayed during her response to Biden’s State of the Union speech but she’s widely judged to have exceeded it with her plan for a pregnancy tracking federal database.

“People may think MTG’s doing enough to satisfy the wingnut brigade of the GOP,” a political analyst said, “but this proposal sends a clear signal that Katie will call a vote on the speaker every day. Heck twice a day if necessary”.

Taylor Greene was said to be incoherent with rage when the plan was proposed last Thursday, although one of her aides conceded that was a difficult call to make, as “she’s pretty much incoherent all day long”.

Another said it had been like watching Linda Blair in The Exorcist. “Her head was spinning like a top and she spewed a jet of hot, green puke at the TV when she saw the coverage Brill was getting”.

In a sign of the scale of the threat Brill poses, Taylor Greene’s office was this evening downplaying the plan by insisting it was “a logical idea whose time has come” and praising the “clear-headed logic behind these well thought out proposals”.

Later, a spokeswoman said MTG would be making “exciting new proposals” herself later this week.

“We’ll see who the real Queen of Crazy is then,” she snapped.