It Isn’t. Are You?

It Isn’t. Are You?

The once-great British newspaper The Independent, was the only English language paper in the world to support Trump’s call for the US election to be delayed.

The now online-only publication endorsed his plea in a story headlined,

Why Postponing The US Election Would Now Be A Good Idea

Admirers of Russian money say it would be “quite wrong” to link the story to the paper’s current owners, KGB Colonel Alexander Lebedev and his son, Evgeny, both of whom are noted supporters of Putin and the invasion of Crimea.

Col. Lebedev was still deemed a security risk by the special branch in Spring but since then, the actor Boris ‘Crikey’ Johnson became PM.

Suddenly, with a mighty leap, the spook & Tory party donor was free of suspicion and his son ennobled as ‘Lord Lebedev of Hampton and Moscow‘!

Lovers of the Lebedev’s largesse warn it would “utterly reckless” to suggest money had anything to do with either event.

Because the extravagant victory party the Lebedevs threw for Johnson, was attended by a galaxy of fearless anti-corruption campaigners, like…Mick Jagger, Elton John and Princess Beatrice?