Marie Kondo To Spend More Time With Her Money

Marie Kondo To Spend More Time With Her Money

The ‘decluttering queen’ Marie Kondo, burst out laughing yesterday, when asked why she’d decided to abandon ‘the regime’ that made her famous. “Because when you have three kids, your home is as cluttered as fuck.”

The ‘queen of clean’, who’s reputed to be worth $8ml, revealed that anyway, she’s at that stage where she wants to spend more time with her money.

“When I think of all the arguments I caused around the world,” she giggled, “because utterly stupid people bought my totally daft books, I really can’t believe I got away with it. The newspapers will print anything!”

If you’ve got time to read a book on how to ‘declutter’ your home, Kondo said, you’ve really got way too much time on your hands. The best selling author has sold over 11 million copies of her two books in 40 countries, the latest of which is called, How to Organise Your Space and Achieve Your Ideal Life.

“Basically,” she reflected, “if you’ll buy the idea that there’s any such thing as an ‘ideal life’, you’ll probably buy anything – including my books!”

She then mimed pulling a slot machine handle and said, “Kerching!