Met Éireann Blames Status Yellow Rain Warning On “Covid-19”

Met Éireann Blames Status Yellow Rain Warning On “Covid-19”

Proof that the virus has officially become the catch-all excuse for every possible problem arrived today, with the news that Met Éireann has blamed incoming bad weather on “Covid-19”.

For some time now, anything that is late or early or faulty or unwelcome, has been blamed on the virus.

Everything from…

“Waiter, this soup is cold?”

“Terribly sorry sir, Covid-19”


“Can you please stop staring at my tits?”

“Terribly sorry Miss, Covid-19”.

However experts believe Met Éireann’s latest usage surpasses even that of the guy at work who hasn’t washed for weeks but when asked about the smell, just says “Covid-19” and farts. And then says “Covid-19” again.

A spokesman for the Consumer Association said “If Little Britain was being made today, they’d have to change the catchphrase ‘Computer says no’ to ‘Computer says Covid-19’.”

On this basis, he added, it can only be a matter of time before the HSE starts blaming the two-hour wait to get through to their woefully understaffed Covid-19 vaccination helpline on, “Covid-19”.