Once The Toast Of New York, Giuliani Now Just Toast

Once The Toast Of New York, Giuliani Now Just Toast

Once upon a time, long before he had fallen low enough in life to become Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudolph, William, Louis Giuliani was “the toast of the town”.

Once upon a time he was always in on the joke. Once he could even have been a contender for the White House.

Now alas, “America’s mayor” is toast and has become the joke whose long fall from public grace, seems to have no end.

For Giuliani’s fall is now so great, it’s likely his place in comedy will outlast his place in politics.

Giuliani with the hair dye running down his face. Giuliani rummaging in his trousers in front of a young woman, in the Borat movie. Giuliani informing his unsuspecting second wife that he’s divorcing her, via a public announcement.

And…Giuliani the man Trump barred from the Oval Office for constantly farting, prompting staffers to christen him ‘Tooty Rudy’.

Giuliani’s lawyer Joseph Sibley today described the £148ml defamation award, as an attack on free speech.

“This is absurd,” Sibley raged, “he can’t possibly pay these rates. This would put the bill for November’s lies at half a billion alone!”