Scientists To Ask AI What Women Really Want

Scientists To Ask AI What Women Really Want

AI may lead to human extinction, a scientist has warned but it will never be able to say what women really want. “I’ve carried out 25 scientific inquiries into this topic,” Prof Lofty Bollochs said, “but in all of them, the women couldn’t agree on what it is they really want because no entire gender wants exactly the same thing”.

Women’s groups immediately disagreed but although they all agreed they disagreed, they couldn’t agree on why they disagreed, with most simply saying variations of things like, ‘Men should shut up on this topic’.

Prof Bollochs immediately challenged them, saying “Men used to be accused of not caring enough to ask what women want but when we do ask, we’re told it’s none of our business!”

Meanwhile, an IT expert predicted AI would one day be able to answer the question but the professor disagreed.

“I’ve got a fifty that says women will just switch to complaining AI doesn’t understand how they feel about the question”.

A leading women’s rights advocate tweeted “If AI ever does take on this important question, I won’t be surprised if the answer it gives is 42 #drdickhead”