Tearful Eric Trump Begs Jury To ‘Think Again?’

Tearful Eric Trump Begs Jury To ‘Think Again?’

Eric Trump has urged the jury in his father’s hush money trial, to reconsider their decision to find him guilty.

“I would ask them to think again about the implications of their vote? Rudi assures me it’s not too late to shout ‘I object’ and file a motion to reverse this savage injustice.“

The former president’s second son was emotional and at times incoherent, as he described “all the great things my father has done for us all”.

He reminded the media “if it wasn’t for him, Christianity would no longer be the best religion in America” and again claimed that his father had “fought for his country unlike many others who took the fifth”.

Ultimately, he said, “this verdict saddens me more than anything else because I know I’ll never be able to watch a Stormy [Daniels] porno again. I just wouldn’t…be able to manage it?”