The RNC Says The Money Wants What It Wants

The RNC Says The Money Wants What It Wants

A member of the Republican National Committee has advanced the “Emily Dickinson” defence as a justification for a proposal to use campaign funds to pay Trump’s legal fees.

“The money wants what the money wants”, he shrugged.

Dickinson, he explained, “wrote ‘the heart wants what it wants or else it does not care’ to stress our desires are not bound by rationality or societal norms. Big money wants Trump and they don’t care what they have to do or spend, to get him?”

Separately, another member of the RNC said he thought the problem would be easily resolved. “Ethics is a minefield the party has always done its best to avoid? But I can promise you this, no matter what decision we make, it won’t compromise our code of ethics.”

Asked how he could be quite so confident in advance of the decision, he replied, “Because we’ve never had a code of ethics.”