Truth Is The First Casualty Of Donald Trump

Truth Is The First Casualty Of Donald Trump

In war, every bit as much as in peace it transpires, the first casualty of Donald Trump, is truth. 

His mad suggestion Hamas would never have attacked Israel if he’d been president, demonstrates this eloquently. No lie is too cheap, too implausible or too low for him. In the same way a rat urinates all day long, Trump lies during every waking moment.

What he’s really trying to sell is a supernatural form of buyer’s remorse. One that says if he’d been president, no war anywhere would have occurred. No famines, natural disasters or plagues either. Crime would have been at a historic low, inflation would have reversed itself and business confidence everywhere would have soared. On top of all this, there would have been the purest California sunshine everywhere, all year round.

Because the only war that wouldn’t have happened if Trump had been president at the time, is WWII. We know he’d have been too busy trying to open a Trump hotel in Berlin to worry about the Holocaust. We know it because on a visit to Europe to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the first world war, Trump insisted to his then chief of staff, John Kelly: “Hitler did a lot of good things.” *

And that was just one more Trump lie.

*No, Hitler didn’t invent the autobahn, (the first was completed in 1932, the year before he came to power) and the trains already ran on time!