UK Like ‘A Leper Threatening To Shun Flu Victims’

UK Like ‘A Leper Threatening To Shun Flu Victims’

Johnny Foreigner was up to his oily tricks again this evening, as he got together with the huns, the frogs, the dagos and the eyeties – all the usual suspects – to openly jeer at Britain’s quarantine restrictions which, as every public schoolboy knows, are ‘world beating’.

The greasy natives – who pretentiously call themselves the EU – were openly laughing at Rishi Sunak’s warning that the UK will “not hesitate” to impose quarantine restrictions on arrivals from other countries.

An EU statement said;

“Britain is like a leper shouting ‘I won’t hesitate to shun you’ at somebody who’s got the flu.”

There were cheers from both government and opposition benches when Boris Johnson later told the house, “I guarantee you nobody will be laughing after Britain leaves the EU”