Woman Only Called To Say She Has No News

Woman Only Called To Say She Has No News

A woman who returned a missed a call today, was told the caller had only been ringing to say she had “no news”. Jennifer Egan then explained to next-door neighbour Carmel Quinn that the call must have come in while she was putting out the bins.

Quinn smiled understandingly before asking “And how is Katie?”, causing Egan to exclaim “I forgot to ask her!” The pair then laughed until Quinn said, “What are you like, you’re completely mad!” Egan quickly agreed saying “I know, Katie’s always telling me I should be a comedian!” Quinn nodded gravely, adding “You really should!

After a brief pause, Egan rang her friend back to to ask how she was and was told, “Fine but a bit bored”.

Egan then made a mental note to call her mother later and tell her all the news.

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