“You’re Not An International Woman” No Excuse For Ignoring International Women’s Day

“You’re Not An International Woman” No Excuse For Ignoring International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day briefly emerged as an unlikely topic of conversation amongst some of the Ramble Inn’s teatime drinkers this evening.

Facing into the Mother’s Day weekend, Thos J. Guiney revealed to Ambrose ‘fairy cakes’ Lenihan that his wife had recently threatened to involve him in their marriage in ‘a professional capacity’.

Marriage counsellor Lenihan who can ‘eat’ a pint of Guiness in just three swallows, raised a curious eyebrow over the rim of his glass.

“My recent ‘moral failure’ to observe International Women’s Day was bad enough,” Guiney sighed, “but apparently the straw that broke the camel’s back was describing it as “a second Mother’s Day”.

“I won’t have the fair Kathleen described as a camel on these premises,” proprietor Eamon Halligan gallantly intervened. “No,” Guiney replied, “but she does like to take the hump!”

“So you didn’t get a present and you said it was a ‘second’ Mother’s Day,” Lenihan smirked, “was there anything else?”

“I may also have made light of the day itself,” Guiney said, a little defensively.

“In so far as you said…what exactly?”

“I may have implied it wasn’t a big deal,” Guiney said, “because she wasn’t an ‘International Woman’.”

“And that was it?”

“I believe I pointed out that when you throw Valentine’s Day on top of International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day…”

“That’s three times a lady,” Halligan said, “so to speak?”

“Well, speaking as a seasoned marriage counsellor,” Lenihan loftily advised him, “I can only say that a happy wife means a happy life!”

Seasoned?” Guiney remarked to Halligan, once the twice divorced Lenihan had unsteadily made his way to the loo, “pickled, more like!”