AITA: NYT Readers Pick The Phrases Trump Least Likely To Use

AITA: NYT Readers Pick The Phrases Trump Least Likely To Use

NEW YORK Times readers have been picking the five phrases they feel the former president is least likely to begin a sentence with.

“Am I the asshole…” came top of the list with a whopping 97% of the 5,000 respondents who took part in the online poll, voting for it. Many commented that they would pay ‘top dollar’ for a T-shirt with this phrase on it, especially if it appeared over a photo of a particularly bewildered looking Trump.

A total of 89% voted “Scientific research has shown…”, to be the second least likely phrase he’d use, with some suggesting that if it appeared on a T-shirt, it should be followed by the words “…I’m an exception to Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection”.

“I’d rather wait for the full facts before I comment,” narrowly scraped home behind it, on 86% with some comments complaining about its inclusion on the list in the first place, as there was no likelihood he would ever use it.

“You have to live and let live” also should not have been included on the list, according to a quarter of the 83% who voted for it, on the grounds that he’d already used it, even if it was to express sentiments contrary to the very idea of the saying.

A similar number of the 81% who placed “In my opinion…” in fifth place, also claimed he’d already used it. However a majority felt that if he hadn’t used it since his political career took off, then it clearly didn’t count.

The paper later clarified that it had not included the phrase “I’d like to congratulate Joe Biden on winning the 2020 election” because in the unlikely event that he ever started it, the former president would never be able to finish it.