MTG Challenges Mike Johnson To A Smackdown

MTG Challenges Mike Johnson To A Smackdown

Still fuming from the humiliating defeat inflicted on her by Speaker Johnson, MTG last night challenged him to a wrestling match, promising to “Lay the smackdown on his candy ass!”

The congresswoman for Georgia’s 14th congressional district, appeared for a press conference on Capitol Hill, wearing a wrestling Crop Top and Booty Shorts with gold boots and a bandana,

“I’ve had enough of his shit talking,” she told reporters, “now it’s time to take out the trash, so bring it on sister because I will vacate your treacherous speakership with my bare hands”.

Johnson, she swore, “Will eat my farts, before he departs!”

Political reporters say the pair’s differences have escalated from disagreement on some areas to an all out ‘feud’ over Ukraine aid which the congresswoman now wanted to settle in the ring.

Contacted for comment, Johnson looked unperturbed, as he pushed his glasses up his nose with his index finger and with a faint smile playing about his lips remarked, “She sure is one raggedy bitch?”

However Johnson’s office later said his official reply to the challenge was, “As the good book says, verily I will rest my balls on your chin.”