Anecdotes Are How I Communicate Says RFK, Much Like Jesus?

Anecdotes Are How I Communicate Says RFK, Much Like Jesus?

RFK Jr. has explained how he uses anecdotes to communicate with people every day, “in much the same way our Lord Jesus Christ did?”

The self-proclaimed ‘Kennedy Democrat’ – who has been disowned by the Kennedy family – spoke after polling revealed a third-party run by him would hurt Trump more than Biden. The news brought renewed scrutiny of his Trump-like record of making attention grabbing headlines, some of which he has spent more time trying to retract than defend.

Today he again denied he’d ever claimed Covid-19 was “ethnically targeted to attack Caucasians and Black people”.

“Let me be very clear,” he told the press, “I never said I can walk on water, I never said I can cure the dead? I did say I can speak to the dead but the media made it sound like a crazy thing.”

In reply, a reporter said, “Sir, the question I asked you was ‘Why did you claim the Ashkenazi Jews and the Chinese are most immune to Covid?”

“Oh you and your friends in the liberal media would love me to answer that question, wouldn’t you,” Kennedy smirked.

“Well, yes,” the reporter said, “in fact everyone would love you to…especially your own supporters?”

“I bet the AshkeNazi Jews who run Biden put you up to ask me that one, didn’t they! Why do you hate the American people so much?”