Trump: “Happy Birthday Mr Jesus”

Trump: “Happy Birthday Mr Jesus”

“Happy birthday Mr. Jesus, I hope you have a great day,” Donald Trump said in his Christmas message in which he spoke for the first time about “the Good Book”.

“I know that you and your father and the ghost, all share the same birthday. So there’s gonna be a lotta candles on that cake? You never hear much about the ghost. Why is that, I wonder?

“Anyway with all due respect to the holy scriptures which I know you wrote over the lost weekend. Did a fabulous job. Terrific movie too. But nothing beats LiarsBible which I always swear by. No offence.”

“I’m often accused of trying to start a cult. And maybe I will some day. But in the meantime, take it from me. LiarsBible is the one true religion?

“So remember, you heard it here first folks. It’s available on my website for $900 a copy. $1,500 for an autographed one. Merry Christmas to you all.”