Israel Worried Others May Have Lost Their Moral Compass

Israel Worried Others May Have Lost Their Moral Compass

Israel, although besieged on all sides by controversy over its conduct of the invasion of Gaza, generously found time over the weekend to worry if others have lost their ‘moral compass’.

In an intervention that took the world entirely by surprise, Israel’s foreign minister rebuked the Irish prime minister for celebrating the release of a freed hostage with the words, “an innocent child who was lost has now been found and returned”.

Eli Cohen accused him of “trying to legitimise and normalise terror” by using the word ‘lost’ as if it meant she was simply missing. An argument that ignored the fact that the word is so widely used to describe death that it is actually synonymous with it. “As anyone who’s ever lost someone knows”, the prime minister’s spokesman remarked.

The real source of the rebuke is believed to be displeasure at Ireland’s accusation of Israeli “collective punishment” and international law breaches which Varadkar has cast as “something approaching revenge”.

“Still,” the spokesman reflected, “the international community can take heart from the news that if any of us ever do lose our moral compass, Israel will be there to help us look for it!”