Trump Allies Are Crying That Never Cried Before

Trump Allies Are Crying That Never Cried Before

The ever growing number of former Trump administration officials, staffers, and aides attacking his campaign, has prompted President Biden to describe them as “people that never cried before”.

It’s believed that the President was joking about a recurring claim of Trump’s to have helped people so much that they were moved to tears by his kind help. Inevitably strong people ‘that never cried before’.

“Some are running against him,” Biden said, “people like Chris Christie, Nikki Haley and Mike Pence. Some are testifying against him, like Cassidy Hutchinson and Bill Barr? More are warning people about him on cable news, you’ve got John Bolton, Olivia Troya, Stephanie Grisham. Some may even be doing all three before we’re finished?”

“Therefore,” Mr Biden said “I can only agree that my opponent is making people cry, ‘that never cried before’!”

A White House spokeswoman imitating Trump over the phone, later said, “They didn’t cry when they were babies. And now they’re actually crying. It’s so sad!