MyAss Is Grass Says MyPillow Guy

MyAss Is Grass Says MyPillow Guy

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has finally admitted he doesn’t have the evidence he promised would “shock the world” in a case to prove the Big Lie and outlaw electronic voting machines.

On Monday, Lindell made a crowdfunding appeal on Steve Bannon’s podcast, after a recent ruling that he had to pay $5 million to a man who won his ‘Prove Mike Wrong’ challenge. The challenge was to prove that data Lindell had in his possession was not from the 2020 election.

On top of having to pay the man who proved him wrong, Lindell’s also facing a $1.3 billion defamation suit brought by Dominion, manufacturer of the voting machines.

“I am so happy they sued me,” he claimed in 2021 when he was named as a defendant “because now the truth can be told,” adding “You can’t defame someone if you have the truth”.

But critics have labelled his new plan to ask the public to crowdfund his legal bills, a ‘Save MyAss’ plea.

2024 has not been kind to the former professional card counter. In January, Fox News stopped running MyPillow commercials, after he fell behind on payment.

And in another reversal, a judge has evicted MyPillow from a Minnesota warehouse after it fell $200k behind on rent.

Lindell now says that one of his companies put on the ‘Prove Mike Wrong’ challenge and not him personally, and that he’s strapped for cash. “While my pillow company’s doing fine,” he added, “I don’t have any money”.

On social media, reaction to the crowdfunding appeal was mixed with one saying ‘is he singing tears on MyPillow now?’ and another saying ‘he can kiss MyAss’