Death Of Yet Another Man “No One Had A Bad Word To Say About”

Death Of Yet Another Man “No One Had A Bad Word To Say About”

Tributes were being paid last night to another man “nobody had a bad word to say about,” after he died in a motorway collision.

A local man who thought he knew the dead man but couldn’t be entirely sure, described him as “someone who always lit up the room?”

A woman in a hurry home from the corner shop who definitely didn’t know the man, said she nevertheless felt sure he’d been a strong supporter of the local football team “who would do anything for you”.

Although he couldn’t quite place him, the parish priest said he could only assume the man had been a regular churchgoer but in any case, he felt certain that “tonight the entire community is numb with grief”.

“It’s a small, tight knit community where people are very supportive of each other,” he offered, “but tonight they are absolutely numb.”

When pressed for further comment, he suggested “It’s a very emotional time for people?”

A local councillor said the man’s death is being seen as a double tragedy, coming as it does on the heels of last week’s drowning of a local woman “who always had a kind word for everyone she met”.