Putin Never Closes A Door Without…Opening A Window?

Putin Never Closes A Door Without…Opening A Window?

Pro-Russia bloggers continue to speculate about the precise location of the window that Yevgheny Prigozhin will sing “I Believe I Can Fly” out of, as he begins the inaugural flight of the Wagner Group’s new Airforce.

Many of them openly refer to him as “Pilot Prigozhin”, in recognition of the frequency with which opponents of Putin tend to fall out of windows. Even when they are hospital patients.

The speculation was prompted by the ‘march on Moscow’, as Prigozhin’s short-lived mutiny was known. Many believe it has sealed his fate by undermining Russia and making Putin look vulnerable. The revolt ended when a deal was done that would allow the Wagner leader to move to Belarus.

“Putin is God,” one blogger wrote, “and as every Russian knows, God never closes a door without opening a window!”

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