Santos CV Shortlisted For The Orwell Political Fiction Prize

Santos CV Shortlisted For The Orwell Political Fiction Prize

Congressman George Santos said today on learning that his CV has made the shortlist for the prestigious Orwell Prize for Political Fiction, that “it was like something you couldn’t make up”.

“Setting up expectations and then turning them upside down in a short space,” Santos remarked, “is one of the hallmarks of successful fiction.” Santos also had some sage advice for budding writers who wished to follow in his footsteps, “Write about anything you know a little bit about,” he advised, “and just make up the rest?”

“Nowadays of course,” the grand old man of letters reflected, “kids have it easy. AI does all the fabricating they need, at the push of a button. Not like back in my day, when you had to put in the hours, honing your craft, cutting and pasting all day long? Still, the world moves on and you either move with it or it stops caring. I can’t imagine a world where my lies no longer matter. For me, that would be a living death?”

The citation said Santos was being shortlisted for bringing back to life, “Orwell’s terrifying vision of a society that deliberately obscures, disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words”.

When asked to describe his writing style, Santos said it was “a potent blend of magic realism and post-modernism, characterised by a general suspicion of reason”.