Trump Warns His Supporters Not To Marry An Ammonite

Trump Warns His Supporters Not To Marry An Ammonite

As his rallies become more like religious revivals, Donald Trump has warned his supporters not to marry an Ammonite “because they consort with the Hittites?”

The former president said “I’m told they also consort with the Perizzites and the Jebusites but I haven’t gotten to that bit yet”.

As he was speaking, soft music filled the venue and a hush fell over the crowd. Some bowed their heads while others raised open palms at the sky.

“Like the Democrats,” he said, “the Ammonites turned against the Jesus guy and look how that turned out for them? Under the leadership of Joe Biden, Democrats have not only opened their homes to the Ammonites but also to the Zidonians and the Canaanites. It’s disgusting.”

Afterwards a spokesman for the White House said “Sadly he forgot to mention the parasites? Trump’s surrounded himself with them”.

A statement from the Trump campaign said “By the way, God gets crucified in the bible? Thanks a lot Biden!”